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Sex, Sin & Sensibility

Welcome to our naughty little podcast: Sex, Sin and Sensibility brought to you by the sadistic Ms Drea DeVille and scrumptious sweetgirl julia. We’re going to talk about sex, gender, swinging, play party etiquette, polyamory, identity, fucking like a porn star, butt problems and so much more with Professionals and active Community Members.

What can you expect from this podcast? An adventure for the try-curious and seasoned kinksters and players out there, as well as a safe space to talk openly and unabashedly. With a daily sex tip of the day, spirits of the evening, Questions and Answers, Interviews and Open forums--pull up a seat and join us.



Phoenix Mandel - Sex Educator:

AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Phoenix Mandel has been a sexuality educator & consultant since 2006, workshopping on sex & body positivity, kink, ethical nonmonogamy, and LGBTQIA+, alongside other areas of sexual health and sexual rights. Phoenix teaches classes internationally and currently resides in Los Angeles. They have an intersectional and activist approach, with a mission to make sex education more queer. You can learn more about their classes and resources at

Ruby Ryder - Sex Educator:

Ruby Ryder of and, is a podcaster, blogger, sex worker, sex educator and a published writer of erotic fiction. Her niche in the sex education world is pegging, and she has been educating people about that for the last 11 years. Ruby’s erotica is in ‘Best Women’s Erotica 2014.’ She also appeared in an episode of Comedy Central’s ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’.

Since 2010, Ruby has uncovered a wealth of information in her deep dive (pun intended) down the rabbit hole of pegging. Her passion is to share it; encouraging more sex-positivity and less sexual shame around this much-maligned sexual activity. She teaches people how to safely and comfortably explore the role reversal, the extraordinary levels of pleasure, and the deeper intimacy that can result from experiencing sex from the opposite side of the bed.

Ruby spends her time teaching, writing, and doing everything she can to encourage a sex-positive society. She resides in Southern California near the beach, and loves watching the surfers change out of their wetsuits.


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